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3D .STL model of Senna's weapon from the Star Guardian skin, as seen in the game League of legends / Wild Rift. This includes 43 .STL files for the total weapon. It is scaled to approximately 2 meters.

To hold the levitating parts you will need 18 transparent rods measuring 5cm x 6mm.

The parts fit a printer at least 250mm high and 200mm wide, if your printer is smaller you can cut out the model. The two pieces can then be glued together.

In the center you can put 1 PVC tube of 100cm x 32mm / 1 rod of 100cm x 5mm and 1 rod of 50 x 5mm.

Files include:
.PDF files
.STL files


3D models are made by me. These files are packaged in a .ZIP file, you must extract the files correctly in order to use them, if you have any problems doing this please contact me.


This is a fanmade item, I am in no way an official reseller or licensed by the relevant intellectual property owners.


You can find me
On Instagram / Facebook @Darrkarra

Star Guardian Senna League of Legends / Wild Rift STL Files

  • Not authorized for commercial use. You may not sell 3D prints or casts created using these files. You may not resell or distribute these files in any way.

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