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Mon histoire

My story

My name is Marina, I'm a 3D Artist, you can find me on Darrkarra.

I create all kinds of 3D models for 3D printing.

Since 2018 I print my own model for fun. Mainly weapons from License League of Legends and World of Warcraft but I do other universes from time to time.

Plan de travail 1.png

At the beginning

Everyone has their own story here is mine...

I started in 2018 wanting to make my World of Warcraft Druid's weapon. I had a 3D printer for a few days and wanted to make a model myself.

After hours of modeling I managed to finish my gun and went to print. At that time I didn't yet know that I was going to make it my first passion or even that years later I would try to make a living from it.

More than 200 hours of printing later I had all the parts for my weapon, it remained more than everything stuck and it was at this time that I realized that it would be large and above all very real and in my hands.


Today I create a lot of 3D models and a lot of 3D printing.

I created a workshop in my house for everything related to 3D printing, printers, sanding and painting.

As soon as I can I put in Instagram and Facebook stories my progress, my ideas. Also I offer you surveys to see what you prefer when I can't choose between two weapons that I want to do!


Hana Okane

Since December 2022 I haveofficially  announced that Ocèanne is my ambassador.

She is a very nice person who is part of TEAM Body Positive! She does all her cosplay by hand. You can find her at many conventions and especially on her Instagram!

Photo of her Soraka Winter Wonder cosplay taken by@psykoto.fotografeuwith one of my 3D model!


Your support

Thank you all for supporting me.

Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for your sharing.

And thank you for all the little messages you send me!

A big thank you also to all those who place orders with me whether for a commission or on Etsy/Cults.


One day I will be able to live from my passion and that thanks to all of you!

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