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Kalyani, Karunakaran, Santhanam, Kiran Rathod, and Kishore in supporting roles. The film's music was composed by Deva and the editing by Chris Bellu. The film was released on 12 August 2012, and later remade into Telugu as Pizza Express and a short film with same name. Plot A man receives a phone call from the college lecturer. After a brief conversation, he hangs up. He sees a stranger looking out of the window. He enters the house. There, the stranger is still at the window. The stranger starts to munch on the pizza that was just delivered. The man tries to reason with him and finally the stranger comes inside and starts to eat the pizza. The stranger later dies after eating the pizza. The story starts with 4 men who have different reasons to eat pizza. They buy a pizza from a restaurant. After eating it they all leave the restaurant. Later, after a couple of hours, one of them comes back to the restaurant. He tries to enter but is prevented by the landlady who suspects he might be a serial killer. She calls the police. As the cops arrive, they are told by the police commissioner to take him to the hospital. They take him to the hospital and the man starts to do experiments on him. In a medical journal it is mentioned that pizza has been made from the remains of a dead man. The man and the others get angry and try to escape. They come across a man who just died. The police think that the man just died and come to the conclusion that it was just a heart attack. The man is convinced that there was a stranger in the house. He tells the police that there was a stranger. The cop calls his boss and tells him that a man was rescued and brought to the hospital. The boss is convinced that he was a victim of a heart attack. The man goes into the office and asks for the copy of the medical report. The police commissioner is suspicious and asks him to leave the office. He goes out and locks the door. The man tries to reason with him. He refuses to open the door. The man then tries to make it with the help of a skeleton. They both leave the office and hide in the basement. In the basement, the man tries to get the lock but fails. He then tries to get the window. However, the police commissioner follows him and tries to shoot him. After a couple of attempts, the




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