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3D printing service

I can offer a 3D printing service for any 3D files you may have. *


I can print in PLA: Poly Lactic Acid is a biodegradable plastic made from renewable natural resources. It consists of dextrose (sugar) extracted from biobased materials.

Or in Resin.

*Note that if you uploaded a file to Thingiverse, My Mini Factoy, Cults or any other 3D model sharing platform, you must provide me the link of that file so that I can verify the Creative Common license.


* Please note that the modeling is not mine, I am not
therefore not responsible for its quality.

  • Quotation

As soon as you send me a request, I will respond to you within a maximum of 3 weeks whether it is feasible or not.
If your request is accepted I will contact you with the estimate as well as shipping costs and completion time*. If your request cannot be accepted, I will contact you to let you know as well.
Please understand that my prices reflect the cost of the material, the length of labor required to complete the print and its complexity.
If the price quoted seems too high, there is little chance of lowering the cost without reducing its quality. If we agree on a price, I will send you the invoice.

  • Impression

The sum of 50% of the total cost will be paid before the start of printing. The supplement can be paid at any time.

Throughout the printing phase I send photos of the progress of the project.

  • Send

Please keep in mind that your order will only be dispatched after full payment of the invoice.

As soon as your package is delivered to the post office, I send you the tracking number, so it is no longer under my responsibility.

Additional Information 

Means of payment

  • Wire Transfer

  • By PayPal the costs are your responsibility


Please understand that I create the 3D models.

For any request, I will answer your questions transparently.


Thank you for mentioning me for any publication of my creations on social networks.


Any order placed also implies acceptance of the above procedure.

Contact me !

Whether by email or on my social networks, I do my best to answer you as soon as possible.

Or by the form contact. 

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