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Prestige Porcelaine Lux
ref prestige.jfif

Character :


Prestige Porcelain Lux

A model that I immediately wanted to make after seeing the skin. Between the colors and the animals I did not wait long.

3D Model

I absolutely wanted to model the rabbits first. As soon as there were more references I started..


I put more details on the moon model to make it easier when painting.


3D Print

Once the model was finished, I immediately launched the print. So that the rabbits and the moons hold in levigation I added transparent acrylic rods.



Here you can find all the photos of the people I worked for.

If you want to be part of it you can send me an email at with your photos.


You can find the 3D model or the printing kit for sale. For painting you can look in the section commissions.

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